Hi! My name is Matt, I love to talk about programming, education, a fan of Stoicism (see quote from my man Epictetus below) and Dungeons and Dragons! I’m on twitter a bunch, so feel free to say hello!

“‘But difficult and disagreeable things happen in life.’ Well, aren’t difficulties found on Olympia? Don’t you get hot? And crowded? Isn’t bathing a problem? Don’t you get soaked through in your seats when it rains? Don’t you finally get sick of the noise, the shouting and other irritations? I can only suppose that you weigh all those negatives against the worth of the show, and choose, in the end, to be patient and put up with it all. Furthermore, you have inner strengths that enable you to bear up with difficulties of every kind. You have been given fortitude, courage and patience. Why should I worry about what happens if I am armed with the virtue of fortitude? Nothing can trouble or upset me, or even seem annoying. Instead of meeting misfortune with groans and tears, I will call upon the faculty especially provided to deal with it.” ~ Epictetus (AD c. 55 - 135)