I had a good plan

I had a plan

I had an idea

I had something

Ok, I had nothing.

Originally I was going to do something way overly ambitious - write about learning Rust over 100 days. Did that work out? It did for the first two weeks but I started to run into a wall that I couldn’t get myself over. That borrow-checker gives me nightmares.

It reminds me over all my half-finished projects I’ve tinkered with, all with varying degrees of determination and seriousness. Since I’ll probably never finish, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least talk about why I gave up on them.


A Recurse Center project that connects with gmail. It was to grep through emails looking for unsubscribe links and then submit unsubscribe requests. Didn’t work - not all unsubscribe pages are made equal. Failure Grade: B-


A recent project that was pretty half-hearted from the get-go. I use the Atom text editor at work and at home and wanted an easier way to grab blocks of code and with a shortcut, append a commit message (and git add, git push, etc) without having to use the terminal. The API for the editor is confusing, and written entirely in CoffeeScript - something I am not used to (and not particularly fond of). I didn’t get very far with this. Failure Grade: Lackluster


Technically, this is complete, but there’s a whole lot more I could do with this but I just couldn’t find myself interested enough in it to continue. It encrypts and decrypts strings into and out of the Caesar Cryptograph method (I’m a big fan of non-complex crpyto and/or Roman History) Failure Grade: Not Useful


This one was infuriating. An Ember front-end, Rust backend, it was supposed to serve json data of a card game that I play, but I had so much trouble setting the headers correctly in rust that I ultimately gave up on it. Failure Grade: Spectacular


Haha. So bad. Failure Grade: Gold Star for Effort


When I was too stubborn to learn how to use Jekyll, I tried to make my own blog. It was very, very ugly. I even had a fellow RC friend tell me that it was so bad it was funny (he meant well) Failure Grade: Good god, this is really ugly


I was too frustrated with the syntax highlighters for Jekyll not working right with Rust that I attempted to write my own in React. So, I essentially doubled the amount of work I intended to do. The intention was to highlight how the stack and the heap is used in Rust but I couldn’t think of a good example to follow through with. Failure Grade: Neat Idea, too bad it sucks

I’ve got many more failed projects/posts but I didn’t want to spend too much time writing them up or else this post would have met the same demise as those listed above.

Anyway, I failed. Frequently. Sometimes I gave up because there was a voice in my head telling me that I was stupid and that I should feel bad for my shoddy work, sometimes I just get distracted by something else.

But that’s ok.

I’m still curious and will always continue to be.